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Originally inspired by Wes Bos' uses page, this is a summary of my current hardware and software set up. Hit me up if you have any questions about them.


  • I use a MacBook Pro 15-inch (pre-touchbar) as my development machine. The specs are: processor: 2.2Hz Intel Core i7, memory: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3, graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536MB, storage: 256GB.
  • My keyboard is a Logitech G613, which is a wireless gaming mechanical keyboard. It's not the most quiet, but the typing experience is great and it has some nice extra shortcut keys.
  • My mouse is a Logitech MX Master S2. The MX Master series has the most comfortable mouse I've ever used and has plenty of extra features as well. I used the original MX Master for a long time before upgrading to the S2. MKBHD did a review video of the original MX Master which was what got me into the MX Master series.
  • Apart from the MacBook's screen I have 2 Iiyama B2480HS 24 inches full HD LED monitors. I use them side by side with my MacBook as a 3rd screen (mostly for slack and music control).
  • I have an Grey Audio Pro T5 bluetooth speaker on my desk as well to provide sound when I'm not using my headphones. They are great bluetooth speakers and look really sleek too.
  • For headphones I have both a pair of Bose QC35 wireless headphones and the Apple Airpods. I normally stick to the Airpods now as they have a great integration with all my devices but the QC35's noise cancelling comes in handy every now and again.


  • My text editor of choice is Visual Studio Code from Microsoft. I use Cobalt2, by Wes Bos, as my theme and Dank Mono as my font. I'll share some of my settings once I get the chance to organise them or find an efficient way of sharing.

  • Apart from VSCode I also use Bear for note taking and Notion to organise my life.

  • I use Alfred on macOS to help me with automation. It takes care of text expansion, running automation scripts and allowing me to quick access all the apps I use.

  • Karabiner-Elements is responsible for the hyper key (Ctrl+Alt+Command+Shift) which I bind to Caps Lock and hook up to many shortcuts around the OS and Alfred and also for setting my function keys correctly between my wireless keyboard and my MacBook one.

  • I use Firefox Developer Edition as my main browser, but also keep Chrome Canary and Safari around for testing.

  • For email I use Proton Mail. Proton has great privacy features and the overall UX is really good. I heavily recommend Proton Mail and Proton VPN if you're worried about privacy but don't want to sacrifice on convenience and UX.

  • For designing or creating SVGs I use Figma. I used to use Sketch, but Figma is cross platform and makes it a lot easier for sharing designs with others.


  • This page is a work in progress and is constantly changing.
  • None of the products listed on this page were provided as means of sponsoring nor are the links to online stores affiliate links. These are simply products that I use personally and would at least to a degree recommend that you check them out. You're free to acquire any of them at your own expense and risk.