Inspired my

  • Started learning Italian;
  • Resuming my Rust learning with Rustlings and Hands-On Rust;


Q1 and Q2 2022

  • Getting settled in my new home in Portugal;
  • Continuing to work and learn more about Ruby on Rails;
  • Continuing to learn more about Svelte and SvelteKit;

Q3 and Q4 2021

  • Continuing to work and learn more about Ruby on Rails;
  • Learning Svelte and SvelteKit;
  • Continuing with my Spanish learning and practice, now focusing on speaking;
  • Rebuilding my website using SvelteKit (this one you’re reading);
  • Relocating to Portugal;

Q1 and Q2 2021

  • Working with Ruby on Rails on my day job (the DX in Rails is awesome!);
  • Continuing with my Spanish learning and practice;
  • Continuing to work with UI tests but using Capybara and Cypress instead of Testcafe;
  • Learning more about REST APIs, more specifically the json:api spec;

Q3 and Q4 2020

  • Started learning Rust programming language;
  • Started learning Spanish and currently at a conversational level;
  • Improving my knowledge of Finite State Machines and their usage with React;
  • Working with automated UI tests implementation using Testcafe;

Q1 and Q2 2020

  • Started a new project as technical lead at work:
    • Handling technology stack choices;
    • Coordinating resource availability;
    • Managing the project on a technical level;
  • Learning about Google Cloud vision and OCR;
  • Learning about Ethereum blockchain and its uses;
  • Increasing my understanding of Redis;
  • Working as a technical lead on a new project;
  • Coaching and upskilling new team members / reports;

Q3 and Q4 2019

  • Started Learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails;
  • Continuing to learn C# and Monogame;
  • Skilling up on React JS + TS:
    • Learning the ins and outs of React hooks;
    • Building pure functional components with React and Typescript;
  • Continuing with my Chinese studies into HSK2;

Q1 and Q2 2019

  • Learning C# and game development using Monogame;
  • Playing around with Phaser 3 (porting some old games from Phaser 2 to Phaser 3);
  • Improving my understanding of tooling around Typescript: Webpack, ESLint, Babel, etc;
  • Started learning Chinese and Passed HSK1 (with full marks!);

Q3 and Q4 2018

  • Working on a full-stack Typescript app:
    • Node JS, MongoDB (with Mongoose) and Apollo on the backend;
    • Next.JS static and on the front-end;

Q2 and Q3 2018

  • Working on my personal site (this one you’re browsing right now):
    • Refining its layout;
    • Adding content and some glitter;
  • Looking at what I should learn next;
  • Personal projects involving:
    • React Native;
    • Prisma GraphQL full-stack React app (with Styled Components);